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Gain insight and visibility into your equipment with ASLAN GPS Tracking Software

Our Simple to use GPS Tracking Software provides you with the data that you need, when you need it. Manage, Maintain, and Protect your equipment with ASLAN GPS today.

Simplicity over Complexity

The ASLAN GPS Tracking Software was designed with simplicity in mind. We believe finding the information that you need, when you need it, should not be a complex task. Our Software Platform provides easy to use, enterprise class tracking capabilities that allow you to manage your equipment, track movement, analyze inventory, and more.

ASLAN GPS Software

Meaningful Reports

ASLAN’s Reports allow you to make intelligent decisions that drives your business forward. Analyze when and where your equipment is or has been at all times. Our reports can help with inventory audits, sales and rental deals, and the day to day workings of your business. 


Setup Geo-Fences around a location and get email alerts when your equipment enters or leaves the Geo-Fence. Assign your equipment to a home fence and identify what you have on hand, and what is out in the field.

Location History

Location History

 Maintain full visibility into where your equipment has been. ASLAN GPS enables you to view location history of your equipment up to 90 days.

Equipment Overview

Quickly identify where all of your equipment is in one consolidated view. View individual pieces of equipment and their details with the click of a button.


Unlimited Users

Setup as many users as you wish. There are no limits on how many people have visibility into your inventory. Enable your team to track your inventory anywhere at any time.

Track on the Go

Our web based GPS tracking software is mobile friendly. Track your equipment on the fly.


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